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 ANNOUNCEMENT: Now seeing clients for both in-person sessions downtown Columbia, MO and virtual sessions! 

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How can I… decrease anxiety, find motivation, be more present, enjoy my family, find sleep.

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Art is a tool with the power to help our hearts and minds process, grow and heal.

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Art is natural

People have been using art to express emotions, communicate and heal for thousands of years.

Art therapy in use

Situations and conditions in which art therapy can help include:

Trauma experienced by adults, families or children

Severe distress experienced by adults, pre-teens, or adolescents

Relationship issues within traditional or nontraditional partners

Suffering from a brain injury (TBI) or Neurodivergent

About Natasha Young

Natasha Young, LPC, LMHC, ATR-BC is a board certified art therapist and licensed professional counselor in Columbia, Missouri serving clients that seek therapy for a variety of reasons ranging from mental health needs, family or relationship conflicts, counseling through the cancer journey or chronic illness, LGBTQIA+ affirming, to purposes of personal growth and awareness. 

She has two children, a high school aged son and a toddler daughter.  She enjoys spending time with them playing outside, mountain biking and laughing! Natasha enjoys riding her sport bike, playing the cello & banjo, painting, doing yoga, kickboxing and gardening.

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